Golden Start Center

Spearheading the evolution of Caesarian surgery,
the Golden Start Center is ushering the next-generation
c-section – the French cesarean section – giving women a safe,
empowering, and unforgettable birthing experience, within a surgical setting.

Dr. Israel Hendler and Sivan Navot founded the Golden Start Center in the belief that the birth
experience affects not only the mother, but also the life of the newborn – both physically and mentally.
The purpose of the Center is to create a birth experience that is as close as possible to a natural birth,
within the controlled setting of an operating room, making a positive impact on the life of the whole family.

הצוות בלידה קיסרית צרפתית

The French Cesarean Surgery

Led by Dr. Israel Hendler, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, this surgery requires great skill and practice due to the special cutting technique used to protect the abdominal wall and enable faster recovery.

  1. The connective tissue above the muscles is cut more sparingly than in a traditional c-section, leaving far more of the connective tissue undamaged, so there is less pain and more possibility of movement.
  2. The abdominal muscles are strategically separated, allowing for an easier and faster recovery.
  3. There is no incision of the membrane covering the internal abdominal organs, greatly reducing the chance of post-operative complications.
  4. After surgery, the uterus is sutured to better preserve the uterine wall and minimize scarring. 
  5. The surgery does not necessitate a catheter to the bladder, further reducing the chances of infection.

The French Caesarian Experience

Sivan, a pelvic floor physiotherapist, is responsible for the birthing experience. Present in the operating room and by your side throughout, she explains every detail, creating a sense of calm, security, and peace – all of which helps the body produce the hormones required to form the initial connection with your baby.

התינוק מונח על האם עור לעור מיד עם לידתו
ליווי רגשי של סיון בלידה קיסרית צרפתית

Before Surgery

  • You will receive comprehensive guidance in preparation for the surgery, including an instructional video about how to use the winnerflow device during the birth, and a detailed explanation of each and every step.
  • We will take care to meet any specific requests or needs relating to the birth that are important to you.

During Surgery

  • You will be accompanied throughout the procedure itself.
  • Every step is explained, so you and your partner can remain as calm as possible, with a clear understanding of what is going on and no surprises.
  • You will be active in the birth, using the winnerflow to push your baby out, much like you would in a natural birth.
ד"ר ישראל הנדלר וסיון נבות
חיבור לתינוק מהרגע הראשון גם בחדר ניתוח

After Surgery

After a quick checkup, your baby will be placed on you, skin-to-skin, for what is known as the ‘golden hour’, so that you can breast feed if you chose to, and begin bonding.

Why Choose the Golden Start Center

The professionalism – Having received their training in France, Dr. Israel Handler and Sivan Navot brought the French Caesarean method to Israel. They have the most experience performing the surgery and now instruct other medical teams to perform it.

The care – It is genuinely important to us that your birth experience is safe, empowering, and positive.

The mission – It is our belief that the initial bonding (the golden hour) affects a child’s entire life, and we do our very best to make sure that time is peaceful and unhurried.

The flexibility – We believe that the birth of a baby is also the birth of a family, and as such you should experience it as closely as possible to how you dreamed it. We therefore incorporate elements that are important to you, as long as they don’t compromise the safety of you or your newborn.